Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Let There Be Code

Get outside, get inspired and recreate a shape/object in Processing inspired by your time outside. This homework MUST use atleast one custom function, arrays and PImage and mouse interaction. Optionally use sin/cos and/or push and pop matrix. Share an image of what inspired you.

Write your own class from scratch, give it some properties and functions. Make multiple objects of that class. Declare arguments in your class, and feed them values from the main code. Use Translate/push/pop matrix to make some interesting Interactions and tell a story. Advanced: Make an array of objects

Create multiple objects using Arrays and have the objects interact with each other somehow - bounce, repulse etc. Add new objects upon mouse interaction. Make your objects interesting – not circles, rectangles squares. for eg. use PNGs.

Use a library or multiple libraries to create an interesting audio-visual interaction with minimal or no use of mouse/keyboard. Using sin/cos and time will make your animations super interesting.

Light two LEDs in your circuit. Incorporate Potentiometer or Push Button or another sensor for extra credit (extra fun!)

Two LED light will turn on when a button is pushed. Super simple and fun!

Make a super fun interaction using sensors and objects
- think how you could make a simple instrument or capture a gesture, or embody an emotion
- make it meaningful
Use stuff we’ve learned so far – classes, libraries, sin/cos, so many things to work with!


To check out the CODE.

Stay tune for more fun stuff. Next on the ballot, XCode and OpenFrameworks.

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